Dattajay Foundation – a senior citizens caring center located in Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra is founded by Mrs. Vaishnavi K. - Executive Dipali, Mr. Aasif Shaikh- Project Consultant. The vision is to establish ourselves as a one-stop solution for the care and recovery of the elderly persons of our society by offering facilities and services for the seniors who are independent or dependent.

Dattajay Foundation

Senior Citizen Caring Center | Old Age Home
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Dattajay Foundation located in Borivali, Mumbai was founded in 2023 by Mrs. Vaishnavi K. - Executive Dipali, Mr. Aasif Shaikh- Project Consultant. They have a great vision to serve the society specially the elder section. All the founder at Dattajay Foundation are from medical background as they are specialized hospital administers. They have more than a decades of experience in medical field. Mr. Asif Shaikh is our project consultant who has a waste experience in old age home.
As we age, our bodies begin to break down and we become more vulnerable to disease and illness. For many of us, this is a natural part of the aging process and we are able to live relatively normal lives despite these changes. However, for some seniors, the aging process can be much more difficult, leading to a decline in health and quality of life.

Our Specialized Facility

  • One-stop solution for the care and recovery of the elderly persons
  • Affordable pricing with no deposit.
  • 24x 7 Nurse, well trained caring staff
  • Regular check-ups by doctor
  • On time quality & hygienic food
  • High standard of cleanliness & hygiene
  • Entertainment facility like TV, events
  • Peaceful and Homely environment
  • 24x7 CCTV monitoring
  • Personal grooming & caring

Frequently Asked Questions

An elderly who is at risk of safety and security at their own home, either due to absence of their guardian or unavailability of their care givers or a family member who has become dependent on others for their daily living should seek an option of care home like Dattajay Foundation. We offer our care services for range of individuals. From completely independent elderly to the one who is in complete coma are served at Dattajay Foundation.

There are two type of medical emergencies – One which is very critical and requires an ICU admission, in which case we transfer the residence to nearby pre-identified ICU attached hospital. There are few emergencies which are handled at our center itself with the help of consulting physician who would be available on call.

No, there will be a medical officer, Nurse available. Doctors are available on call or whenever needed.

One can pay cash, Cheque, Bank transfer.

A resident is allowed to take his/her time for wake up which is followed by prayers and breakfast – medication. A morning is filled with physiotherapy and recreation sessions or choice of activity is offered to resident. By 12:30 lunch is served followed by which a resident goes for 3 hours of break / sleep. 4:30 is an afternoon tea time where residents enjoy hot breakfast and tea/coffee. Evening is again thrilled by recreation sessions or resting with entertainment.

Family will be allocated a mobile number which will be available for the communication, alternately one can also request for video calling.

We hire our caregivers from institutes who train them, this procedure is followed by an intense in house training for their development. This training includes manual handling, transfer training, first aid, communication, dementia care, specialized nursing procedure techniques, etc.